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  • Pub. date: May 2008
  • ISBN 1-932690-59-0
  • 280 pages
  • 6.14 x 9.21 paperback
  • F.N.G. Revised Edition by Don Bodey

    Gabriel Sauers of Two Squad is a soldier, newly arrived in Vietnam--a country too beautiful to invite so savagely unreal a war. But Gabriel won’t be a New Guy for long. He’ll go through incoming mortars, he’ll see the enemy alive. He’ll wander through a hell that will turn the green recruit lucky enough to survive into a death-hardened veteran, longing for nothing more than a return to the world of hot baths and cold beer, no bullets, and no noise. Now, 40 years later, he is grappling with an action on the verge of his grandson Seth’s deployment to Iraq that will change both their lives forever.

    What People Are Saying About F.N.G.

    "The day to day grind, beautifully and touchingly rendered by...a Vietnam veteran, is told with an unrelenting accumulation of detail."
    --The New York Times Book Review

    "Bodey packs considerable emotional freight...into a style that remains deliberately supple, cool, and declarative...An impressive novel."
    --The Cleveland Plain Dealer

    "A harrowing vividly written account of hell with a leavening of light moments. A revelation for one who wasn’t there. Painful for those who were."
    --Bob Mason, author of CHICKENHAWK

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